Tips and techniques for dog grooming

- Apr 30, 2019-

1. combing hair skills

I believe that whether it is to give dog grooming in your own home, or to a special beauty shop to give dog grooming care, the first step is to first groom the dog's hair, because the dog runs outside, hair It will always be dirty and even knotted. If you don't comb the hair, the hair will be more knotted when you take a bath, so comb the hair from the head to the tail before taking a bath. smooth.

2. Bathing skills

In the bath, it is also very particular. Generally speaking, when taking a bath, you must pay attention to the use of dog-specific shower gel. Otherwise, if you use inferior shower gel for a long time, it will easily cause the dog to lose hair. When bathing a dog, it is also orderly. Generally speaking, the dirty parts of the anus, ears and soles are washed first, and then the dogs' hair is washed in order from the limbs to the body. In addition, after showering the dog, be careful to dry or dry the hair, do not dye the dog to catch cold.

3. Trim nails

After bathing the dog, also trim the dog's nails. Because the nails are long, it is easy to scratch the claws or the floor and furniture, so be sure to trim the dog's nails regularly.

4. Selection of scissors

If you trim your nails or hair to your dog, the choice of scissors is also very particular. Generally speaking, you should choose the round shape of the end blade, otherwise it is easy to stab the dog's skin, around the dog's eyes. When you have hair on your ears, lips, anus and soles, pay special attention not to hurt your dog.

5. Beauty styling

For different pet dogs, there is a pet dog shape suitable for them. For example, for a Shih Tzu, the common good-looking shape is that the hair above the eyes can stay longer, so that the dog looks more lovely. And this is also the classic shape of the Shih Tzu.

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