Those things about dog ear cleaning care

- Mar 27, 2019-

If the dog's ear is not treated for a long time, it is easy to have various problems, so how to clean the dog's ears?

Check your ears regularly - it is best for the owner to carefully check each side of the dog's ears and the external auditory canal once or twice a month. In general, the skin on the inside of the normal ear and the auricle should be light pink, and if it is red, brown or black, it indicates a problem. You can also smell it when you check it, and the sick ear will have a bad smell. In addition, a little earwax in the ear is normal, but too much indicates a problem.

Cleaning the ear hair - the cleaning of the ear hair here is not trimming, but pulling the ear hair. If you only trim the ear hair, these short ear hairs will continue to grow longer, and with the new ear hair, the ear hair inside the ear will be more and more, which does not play a role in cleaning the ear hair. In addition, because the process of cleaning the ear hair will be a little painful, the owner can use some dog-specific ear powder to soothe the dog's nervous mood, while reducing the pain.

Clean the earwax - when cleaning, gently pry the hair around the ear or clean the ear hair first, then apply some glycerin to the external auditory canal with a cotton swab, squeeze the dog's ear by hand, massage the ear root, and finally Wipe it off with a cotton swab. In addition, if the two dogs are too hard, first use the alcohol cotton ball to disinfect the external auditory canal, use the dog's ear drops to the two dogs, wait until the ear wax softens the dog, and then gently remove it with a small tweezers.