The tears and eyelids of dogs are actually a kind of notice.

- Mar 04, 2019-

When you encounter dog tears, don't worry too much, but you can't ignore them too much. Need to see if the dog's eyes are crying, is it special red, think about what causes it? (such as what the dog has eaten, what has just happened, recent performance, etc.)

You can use cotton swabs to get warm water and clean your eyelids and secretions. Xiao Yan, I just cleaned it up, is it a fake? In most cases, it is actually caused by excessive eyelids and secretions. It is recommended that you can observe it for 3-4 days or so. During this period, try to avoid feeding food. You can clean your eyes regularly every day. See if there is any improvement in the secretions of the eye.

Relatively long-haired and light-colored dogs are essential for clearing eyelids in time. Because of the large amount of hair, long-haired dogs are easy to get hair into the eyes, so it is necessary to regularly clean the hair to keep the dog's eyes from being burrs around. And nothing more, look at the dog's eyes is not mixed with hair, must be cleaned up in time.

Although the sensitivity of the dog's eyes is far worse than that of people, sometimes it is seen that there are root hairs in the eyes, and it will not have any uncomfortable performance. However, hair entering the eyes will definitely have some stimulation to the eyes, so long-haired dogs are prone to brown eyelids or more secretions.

In addition, it is necessary to regularly clean up, otherwise, keep the unclean state for a long time, the eyelids will dye the hair under the dog's eyes like reddish brown, and then want to wash this color can be said to be more than It is still difficult to go to the sky. Of course, some people will say that you can cut off the hair that cannot be cleaned, but after all, the growth cycle and the amount of hair around the eyes are limited, so you have to think about it in the long run.

Shovel officers, it is necessary to observe the dog's eye symptoms at any time. Don't wait until it is serious, only to find that you usually don't care, causing serious consequences, crying is too late!