The main points and methods of grooming hair

- Nov 08, 2019-

1. The benefits of regular combing

The dog has to change hair in the spring and autumn, and a large amount of hair will fall off at this time. A large number of off-attachment can affect indoor hygiene in various objects and people in the room. If the dog is eaten by a dog, it will affect the digestion of the dog. Therefore, the dog should be often combed, so that not only the hair and dirt of the hair can be removed, the hair is entangled, but also the blood circulation can be promoted, the skin resistance can be enhanced, and the fatigue can be relieved.

2. Method of combing the coat

Brush each hair once in the morning and evening, combing hair for 5 minutes every day.

The order of combing: starting from the neck, from front to back, from top to bottom, from the neck to the shoulder, then the back, chest, waist, abdomen, hindquarters, then the head, and finally the limbs and At the end, comb the side and comb the other side.

Types of combs: brush, elastic wire brush and long and thin metal comb. The brush can only make the end of the long hair fluffy, but the fine hair (bottom hair) can not be combed. A brush, an elastic wire brush and a long, thin metal comb are used to comb the long-haired dog.

The method of combing hair: the comb should be quickly combed in the direction of the hair. Some people comb the long-haired dog only by combing the long hair on the surface and neglecting the combing of the underlying hair (fine hair). The bottom hair of the dog is soft and dense. It is not combed for a long time, and it is easy to form tangles, and even cause eczema, skin rash or other skin diseases. When combing long-haired dogs, they should be combed layer by layer, that is, the long hairs are turned up, and then the bottom hairs are combed.

3. Precautions when combing

First, pay attention to the dog's skin. The clean pink color is good. If it is red or has eczema, it may have parasites, skin diseases, allergies, etc., and should be treated promptly.

Second, the movement should be soft and meticulous when combing, and it should not be rough and dry, otherwise the dog will be painful, especially when combing the coat near sensitive parts (such as the external genitalia).

Third, special equipment should be used for combing, and no combs and brushes should be used. The use of the iron comb is to hold the back of the comb with the hand, gently swing the wrist, laterally comb, and use the combs of coarse, medium and fine. The use of the comb is the strength of the wrist. The brush has more teeth. When combing, lift the hair with one hand and brush the other part after brushing.