The main essentials when training dogs to sit

- Oct 25, 2019-

1. To train a behavior, you must use a positive method to reward it;

2. If you are upset or have other negative emotions, don't try to teach the dog anything;

3, patience in the process of training, each dog's learning ability is not the same, do not compare, do not time, patience, slowly come;

4. Even if the dog is right, don't be "excited" to praise, your state needs to be calm, happy joy is not equal to too excited, or else, you are encouraging it too excited;

5, the whole process, your voice, emotions, gestures, hand strength, should be relatively gentle, relatively soft, can not bring anger, complain of impatience, swear, these will bring negative links to the dog, change It is difficult to train, or feel that this behavior represents punishment.