The importance of diet for dog teeth

- Apr 19, 2019-

Good habits are good for the health of dogs. Food is a necessary source of energy for dogs every day. Therefore, parents pay special attention to the quality of food given to dogs. While focusing on the inner nature of the food, you also need to consider the impact of food on the dog's teeth.

1. Dry food is more beneficial

Daily eating habits also have an effect on the dog's teeth. In general, dry dog food is better than wet dog food and canned food. Dry food is harder. Dogs can scrape the surface of the teeth while chewing dry food. Wet dog food does not have this function, and it is easy to accumulate tartar on the teeth. Because the dog's teeth need to be tempered frequently, many parents see the dog chewing dry dog food, and only give it soft meat or soaked dog food, which actually hurts it.

2. Timing, quantification

Some parents are accustomed to putting dog food all there, and when dogs want to eat, it is not good. Because the bacteria in the mouth will be active every time you eat, if you feed it twice a day, then the bacteria will only be active twice.

3. Grinding teeth

Always give the dog some bones (preferably pig or cow), dry snacks, eat less sugar, or "dog chew" to bite it. Not only can you exercise your teeth, but you can also do some things for the dog to do, and save your energy and bite. It is a good way to do both.