The difference between pet grooming scissors

- Jul 03, 2019-

The dog's hair is not only a serious problem of hair loss, but if it is not treated for a long time, the fluffy coat is enough for your heart to plug. Different types of dogs require different trimming techniques. If you want a cute and cute dog, start by recognizing the beauty scissors.

Five inch straight scissors

Specially designed to fit seven-inch straight scissors. It is smaller in size and easy to handle, and can be used for trimming some details, like the trimming of some fluff on the head or foot.

Seven inch straight scissors

This is the most used tool by many pet groomers. Because the hair of the pet is finer and looser, the general scissors are difficult to cut short. With seven-inch straight scissors, its knife edge is very sharp and sharp, which is more suitable for the beauty needs of dogs.


Bending is also a special utility scissors for pet design. For example, if you trim the tail of a poodle and want to trim it into a circle, you need to bend it to modify the curvature. In addition, the curved cutting edge is also quite sharp, and the density requirement is higher than the straight shear, so it is also applied to the trimming of the thinnest part.

Tooth shear

The tooth cut is not to trim the bad teeth, but because it has a comb on one side, so it is the name. The role of the dental scissors is to trim the layering of the hair during final shaping. When trimming, it is usually repaired with a straight cut, and then the scissors are used to remove the scissors marks. For pet stylists, the ability to use dental scissors is a critical step.

Nail scissors

Nail scissors are used for nail trimming of pets. Like humans, animal nails are too long and are susceptible to bacteria on the one hand. On the other hand, pets whose nails are too long will force them to grind themselves, which may lead to valuables in the home. Damage.

This type of nail clipper has a short head but is sharp and has different sizes and sizes. It is divided into cat cut and dog cut.