The daily cleaning of the dog cage!

- Feb 25, 2019-

1.Be sure to wear gloves

Wear gloves, take about one bottle of disinfectant, pour into the basin, and then dilute with water according to the reference ratio.

2.Clean with a small brush

Use a small brush to dilute the diluted disinfectant and brush the dog cage. Dog cages are welded by fences in different directions. The joints between the fences are particularly prone to accumulating dirt, especially the bottom net.

3.Brush the water treatment

Rinse off with water after brushing. It should be noted that dogs tend to be everywhere, and the disinfectant remaining on the fence is easily eaten by dogs, so be sure to punch a few more times.

4.Remember to dry after washing

Take the dog cage to the sun for 1 hour, and the ultraviolet radiation will double the sterilization effect!