The correct way to train the dog

- Sep 02, 2019-

The password for the training is “title” and “spit”.

The training method is: in a quiet environment, select an item that is of interest to the dog and that is easy to pick up and has the smell of the dog owner. The owner holds the item in the right hand, and gives the dog a "title" password, and then takes it. The item is shaken in front of the dog and the password of the "title" is repeated.

When the dog is holding the item, the owner should immediately issue a "good" password and touch. After a few minutes, the password for "spit" is issued and the owner picks up the item and rewards the dog. Repeat 2 to 3 times for each training session. When the dog can position and spit the item, the lure action of the shaking item should be gradually reduced, so that the dog can completely according to the password and spit the item.

In this training, the owner should pay attention to correct the dog's bite, play and automatic spit out of the article. In order to ensure the excitement of the dog in the training, the item should select the item that the dog is most interested in, and the number of times of each acquisition should not be too much.