The correct bathing method is also the key to ensure the dog's hair quality

- Aug 20, 2019-

Things to note when taking a shower are:

First, the hair should be combed before bathing, so that the tangled hair can be combed to prevent the tangles of the hair from becoming more serious. When combing, in order to reduce the pain of the dog, you can hold the hair root in one hand and comb the other hand.

Second, the temperature of the bath water should not be too high or too low, generally 36 ° C in spring, 37 ° C in winter, water too cold or too hot, will adversely affect the dog's hair follicles.

Third, be sure to prevent the hair washing agent from combing into the dog's eyes and ears when taking a bath. Thoroughly flush the water, do not leave the hair washing agent on it, which will irritate the skin and cause skin inflammation.

Fourth, bathing should be carried out in the afternoon or at noon. Do not bathe in high humidity or rainy days. Since a lot of oil on the coat will be removed after bathing, it is forbidden to put the dog after bathing in the sun to dry.

Fifth, bathing can't be too frequent. Frequent bathing will wash away the layer of grease used to protect the coat and skin, which may cause skin diseases and dry hair.