The benefits of walking the leash

- Sep 23, 2019-

First: can effectively avoid accidents

Pet dogs, very cute, some dogs are also very smart, can understand the owner's password, act according to the owner's password. However, some dogs will become more embarrassed when they go out, and they will be very nervous. If they are nervous, they will easily run around. It is especially prone to accidents when they run around.

Especially in the big cities, the dogs are particularly vulnerable to being knocked down by normal vehicles. When the electric car and the bicycle collide, the dog will not have any serious problems. Once it is hit by the car, there may be some tragedies.

Second: to avoid getting into trouble

The first point we mentioned, some dogs will become very nervous after going out, and the dog will also make some abnormal behaviors under tension. If a dog is scared by a pedestrian, it is possible to export a wounded person because of self-protection, and it will also bring misfortune to himself.

After the pet dog of his own family bites someone else, the pet owner will pay a corresponding price in addition to being bitten to the rabies vaccine, because some people who are bitten by the dog will hold the dog away. The safety of the dog's life poses a threat.

Third: easy to lose

In real life, dogs will listen to words, a more complicated road condition, or a more people's environment will lose their sense of direction. If the parent does not use the leash for the dog, it is easy to lose. After losing, it is very difficult to find it again.