The benefits of walking the dog

- Aug 28, 2019-

Benefit one: It can release the dog's energy, stabilize the dog's fluctuating mood, and prevent the dog from breaking the house. Dogs, like humans, will feel oppressive and irritated after being in a closed environment for a long time. If you keep this state for a long time, dogs will be forced to perform similar venting behaviors, such as dismantling. Home, biting, arrogance, etc. In order to keep the dog in good character, it is very necessary to walk the dog every day.

Benefit 2: It can solve the problem of the dog's urine and urine. Don't worry that the dog will pull the urine at home, and the whole house will smell the urine. But be a civilized shovel, the dog will be packed and not destroyed. A clean environment, you can also see the health of the dog. You can observe it when you clean it up. If it is black and stinky, it may be caused by feeding too salty. Try a good low-salt dog food. Can be improved.

Benefit 3: Improve resistance. More sporty dogs will live longer than non-exercise dogs, because exercise can improve the dog's resistance, immunity, and exercise can also reduce the chance of a dog's illness, but according to the actual situation of the dog. Exercise, because the amount of exercise between puppies and older dogs can not be too intense, but also pay attention to supplement physical exercise is a snack that can bring nutrition, appropriate rewards, nutritional supplements, strong bones!

Benefit 4: Augmented friends circle. Walking the dog can make the dog get to know more dog friends, thus widening the dog's circle of friends, playing with the companion, can reduce the dog's depression, and the dog will be much more cheerful. Chang Hao dog pet owners can also communicate with dog owners and share some dog knowledge. From this, they can learn a lot about dog breeding or maintenance. It will not be so confused on the road to keep dogs in the future. , two things in one fell swoop, why not?

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