Teach you about common combing tools

- Dec 11, 2019-

First, common combing tools: wide-tooth comb, fine-tooth comb, fresh brush, bristle board, combing gloves

Comb usage

1. First use a wide-tooth comb (or a knife comb) to fully penetrate the hair layer to comb the hair, in order to open the thick knot.

2. Use a fine-tooth comb to separate the fine lining (bottom hair) from the lining, remove dead hair, and be careful not to pull hard to avoid hurting the dog.

3. When the hair is not knotted and combed, it can be gradually untied from the outside or by hand, and then combed.

Third, the use of just brush

1. The brush is usually used to comb the hair after the comb is combed, and then the final comb is used to sort the hair.

2. The length of the teeth of the fresh brush must pass through the hair layer to reach the skin. Too short a fresh brush can easily knot the hair.

3. Short-tooth rigid brush can be used with short-hair varieties, long-haired GG should use long-tooth rigid brush.

4. When brushing the hair, brush it from the head of the GG, following the growth direction of the hair, brush backwards and downwards, and the reverse bristles will hurt the hair.

Fourth, the use of bristle board

The bristle plate is a square plate with a curved metal shawl and a handle. The purpose of the bristle plate is to remove dead hair.

Fifth, the use of bristle gloves

Brushing gloves can be used for combing outer hair and removing dead hair for short-haired dogs.

Brushing gloves is not ideal for combing long-haired dogs.