Some precautions for using a dog collar

- Aug 08, 2019-

Dog collars are an indispensable tool for keeping dogs, but there are a lot of exquisites to buy and use collars. What do you need to pay attention to when using a collar?

When buying the collar first, you should be optimistic about the material of the collar. Generally speaking, the leather will be more comfortable to wear, and the nylon may be worse. If it is a large dog, the strength of the pull will be larger, so the leather will be more suitable.

In the case of a dog's size and length of the neck, a slightly wider collar is less likely to hurt the dog when pulled, but too wide may also cause the neck to be uncomfortable. It is better to choose a wider width based on the situation of your own dog.

The collar must not be too tight, and of course it is too loose. Because the dog is not used to wearing the collar at the beginning, you will want to take the collar off, if it is too loose, you may be freed. But if it is too tight, it will make the dog's breathing poor, affecting the blood circulation, and it is not good for the fur.

The collar must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Many owners don't pay much attention to the cleaning of the collar. In fact, this is very important. Dogs wear collars every day, and leather and nylon or other materials will have some pores and wrinkles. If it is not cleaned and disinfected, it will cause the dog's skin to be infected with bacteria and get skin disease.