Some Notes On Cat Nail Cutting

- Feb 15, 2019-

The location of the nail clipping

The back of the cat's nail is a blood vessel. When you pick up the cat's claws, the pink part of the back of the nail is the blood vessel. When you cut the nail, you can cut off the hook-shaped pointed part. You must not cut it into pink. Part, otherwise the cat will bleed and it will hurt. Be sure to be quick, accurate, and sturdy when cutting your nails.


How to cut your nails

Many cats are disobedient. At this time, we can choose a towel to wrap the cat so that it can't resist, then gently hold the cat's paw, put it on your palm, then turn it over and hold the paw with your palm. Straighten your cat's claws with your hands. At this point you will see the cat's nails and cut off the pointed, pointed parts of the position we said above.

Soothe after cutting the nails

After helping the cat cut the nails, touch and touch the cat to praise, comfort the emotions, and then take out the cans or snacks that the cat loves to eat. The cat slowly thinks that the nails are delicious. Slowly the cat will not reject the nails.

What should I do if my cat nails are broken?

If you accidentally cut the cat's blood vessels, there is a little bit of bleeding, a little Yunnan white medicine or prepare a hemostatic pen in advance, and use a hemostatic pen to touch the nails, which can make the blood vessels numb to help stop bleeding. If the wound is large, bleeding, and after simple treatment, it should be sent to the pet hospital for treatment.

Each cat has a different growth rate of nails. It is usually cut every 2 weeks or every month. The nails are neither too long nor cracked or broken.

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