Some benefits of keeping a pet

- Apr 03, 2019-

1. Pets as our companion animals are a source of happiness and healthy living for us. Keeping pets can make people's lives healthier and more fulfilling. At the same time, they are good for the human heart and can lower blood pressure and blood lipids. With heart disease and some chronic diseases, after raising pet dogs and cats, by adjusting some of the psychological state of the person, the clinical symptoms can be significantly alleviated. By playing with the dog, you can relax with the spirit of playing with it.

2. For some lonely elderly living alone, it is beneficial to their physical and mental health, and the life of the elderly is more fulfilled through mutual communication with pets. Dogs are the best companions for people living alone. For some single elderly people who have some accidents at home, such as sudden stroke, heart attack, trained partner pets can play an alarm role in time.

3. Keeping pets in an increasingly competitive society can provide spiritual support, especially in the case of encounters, through communication with dogs, it is beneficial to the mental health of the breeder and alleviate unnecessary stress in life. To improve the efficiency of the work.

4. Keeping pets can develop children's sense of responsibility and love and social social skills. It plays a positive role when the child raises the dog. Moreover, dogs are widely used by psychologists to heal or help problem children or adults. Feeding a small dog will give the child a sense of responsibility and understanding and sympathy for the animal, which will often be transferred to the person, producing the same understanding and compassion and care for the person.

5. Keeping pets can protect the family and prevent the family from being stolen and guarded, so that the whole family has a sense of security. The pet's hearing and smell are very sensitive, and they are very loyal to the owner's family. In the event of an accident, the pet will stand up and protect the owner and family regardless of his life. In addition, if there is some gas leak or forget the faucet at home, It will also remind the owner in time.

6. Keeping pets can also achieve the effect of treating diseases. If a person with stomach disease is raising a long-haired dog, it is often beneficial to recover the stomach.

7. Keeping pets can also bring unlimited fun to be a source of happiness and joy, and can promote people to exercise and provide opportunities for people to communicate with each other.

8. Foreign surveys of dogs and cats have found that having pets can significantly improve their health status, and the number of visits per year is significantly reduced. Even if the symptoms are significantly lighter than those who do not have pets, keeping pets can significantly reduce our use. Medical expenses for illness.

9. In addition, pets are an industry, and their proportion in the economy and society is getting heavier and heavier, which can solve the employment of many people and the development of related industries. According to reports, the Shanghai pet-related industry is nearly 600 million yuan per year. There are pet grooming, supplies, medicines, pet hospitals, pet feeds, etc. At the same time, some related industries on pets are being developed.