Simple five steps to shave cats in summer

- Jul 16, 2019-

1. From the back of the cat's neck, hand down the hair to the back, until the tail root.

2. Then start pushing the hair on the two ribs of the cat, and also from the forelegs to the hind limbs.

3. When pushing the hair on the cat's belly, first put the cat into a standing type (put the two hands into the roots of the cat's forelimbs, lift it up, but let the cat's feet touch the ground), then go from the neck Push down.

4. Then the cat's limbs, the forelimbs are relatively good to get a lot, from top to bottom. The hind limbs are more troublesome, because they always like to fold their hind legs, and this time you need to use some strength to lick your hind legs to push them.

5. The rest is the tail. In fact, the cat's sitting position is not very conducive to pushing the tail's hair. It is best to help them stand on all fours. (Use both hands to pull it from the cat's two ribs, then lift it up a little. But keep it on all four feet, let it use some of the force on the legs, that is, let them pose for them). Be careful, don't push up the cat's tail when pushing, although its tail is very tall, but it is easy to stab in the case of it does not fit.

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