Short-haired cat combing is different from long-haired cat combing

- Apr 01, 2019-

Short-haired cat grooming: Short-haired cats are usually easy to comb, and most short-haired cats are able to manage their hair and remain in perfect condition. Usually combing once a week is enough. When combing hair, pay attention to whether the cat has potential health problems, such as a lump or skin problem. Short-haired cats usually prefer to use a mites or a fine-toothed comb, then use a brush to remove the dropped hair and dead skin, and finally "polish" with a soft cloth. To comb the short-haired cat, be careful to touch the sensitive parts of the cat: ears, armpits, abdomen and tail.

Long-haired cat grooming: Long-haired cats need more hair grooming than short-haired cats, and it takes 15-30 minutes per day. Long coats, especially soft coats, tend to stick to dust and knots, especially in the armpits, groin, anus, and behind the ears. Cats use talcum powder to comb the tangles, but severe tangles can only be removed with scissors. Use scissors to pay attention to the tip outwards to avoid scratching the cat's skin. If you can't guarantee this, it's best to bring the cat to a professional groomer.

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