Seven kinds of supplies for daily dog walking

- Oct 24, 2018-

1. Tools, towel or paper towel for cleaning feces;

2. Strong and easy to use traction belt; if necessary, wear mouth cover;

3. Prevent parasites with drugs such as frain in advance;

4. Bedding for dogs and cushions to keep the carriage clean (bring dog clothes if necessary);

5. The dog license and the dog tag. However, the owner is also advised to take the dog food by himself.

6. Sufficient and non-perishable food and water, as well as food utensils used by dogs;

7. Prevent carsickness, allergies, antidiarrheal drugs, and treat traumatic drugs, and consult the veterinarian for usage and dosage

For companion animals that depend on humans for survival, safety is always more important than freedom. You should carefully ensure the safety of your dog, carefully manage your dog, and consciously maintain environmental hygiene. Only in this way can you win more respect and tolerance from people, and you can fully enjoy the pleasure accompanied by your dog.