Selection of pet dog traction Rope

- Oct 24, 2018-

There are many different types of traction equipment on the market. How to choose one that is suitable for your dog? The leash and collar have a controlling function. When the leash is put on, the dog loses its freedom, and it is inevitable that the dog will resist. Therefore, when selecting the leash and collar, try to choose those with higher comfort without affecting their function. The material of traction rope and collar is cortical, nylon, cotton and plastic, etc. Many parents of large dogs prefer to choose the collar and traction rope made of cowhide. Besides, it is firm and durable, it is also very windy. For small dogs and puppies, chest and back leash can be selected, which is more comfortable than the combination of collar and leash, providing better protection to avoid discomfort and reverse psychology of dogs.

The traction equipment can also be selected according to actual demand. Like large dogs for naughty is not easy to control, can choose the combination of the neck belt and the mouth, mouth set in a dog's snout, attached to the dog's neck with neck section, through the control of the traction rope, neck has elastic belt and the mouth set, let the dog know what to do when you go out, what do the parents will not happy, just act according to the will of the parents, oneself will not feel uncomfortable. The mouth cover and the neck band can be used to correct the dogs who like to attack.

Small and medium sized dogs can also choose flexible traction rope, which can be controlled by the button on the handle, and the rope is mostly made of nylon, thin and durable. When buying, try to choose a brand with good reputation, and choose according to the size and weight of the dog and the length of extension you need. It is not recommended to choose too long rope. It is also a method of training obedience to keep the dog within a radius of 1 meter when walking the dog. The longer the rope is, the more difficult the dog is to control, and the easier it is for the dog to generate "I am the owner, I can walk in front of the owner". That kind of misunderstanding.

Parents of first-time dog owners are not advised to choose the hundreds of P chains that are available in pet stores. Since the P chain has a strict way of wearing and using, it needs to be very careful, and it is easy to hurt the dog's windpipe in use if it is wrong. For those parents who are developing a close relationship with their dog, please consult an expert before using the p-chain, and practice with your own arm before use, so as not to hurt the dog's body and mind. It is worth mentioning that even if they are familiar with the use method of P chain, they will not resist or recommend long-term use. Especially for dogs that have to go out every day, they can only use a little bit of everyday traction equipment. P chain is more suitable for some special situations, such as when dogs attend the competition.