Reasons for pet hair loss: pathological hair loss

- Mar 28, 2019-

1. Skin diseases cause hair loss: Cats and dogs are infected with skin diseases, such as aphids, fungi and other parasites, folliculitis or eczema caused by pathogens, or parasitic large numbers of shit and fleas, can also cause a lot of hair loss. Cats and dogs will catch their fur with their claws and teeth because of itching, and they will also catch a lot of hair.

2. Insufficient salt intake: The salt required by cats and dogs is different from that of humans. Too much salt can cause hair loss, including spicy and irritating foods. In addition, too much salt can cause cats and dogs. The visceral load is aggravated, and cat food and dog food with professional nutrition ratio should be consumed.

3. People's shampoo baths for dogs and cats: The skin pH of cats and dogs is opposite to that of humans. Therefore, using shampoos for humans can cause symptoms of dandruff, itching, and excessive hair loss. Choosing the right shower gel and hair conditioner for cats and dogs can effectively nourish hair and prevent hair loss.

4. Malnutrition: Malnutrition in dogs and cats, nutritional imbalances, and lack of vitamins and minerals can also cause hair loss.

5. Bathing and commuting: Some owners will bathe cats and dogs for high frequency in order to clean, but will destroy the skin acidity balance of cats and dogs, causing hair loss.

6. Too few sunshine hours: Sunlight is good for the health of cats and dogs, lack of sunlight, and can cause hair loss in dogs.

7. Emotional hair loss: fear, nervousness, anxiety will lead to cat and dog hair loss, so the owner should often interact with the pet pets to ease the tension and fear of pets.