Reasons for pet hair loss: normal hair loss

- Mar 26, 2019-

1. Hair loss caused by season change: Cats and dogs will adjust the temperature difference caused by seasonal changes by their own adjustment. Therefore, when the temperature rises or falls, the cats and dogs will perform normal hair change to adapt to the temperature. Therefore, the large amount of hair loss in cats and dogs during the season is a normal hair loss phenomenon. Especially in spring and autumn, when the season is changed, the hair loss of cats and dogs is usually very large.

2. Hair loss during growth: normal metabolism will also cause pet hair loss, like the same person's hair, continuous growth, death, loss, replacement. In addition, some of the varieties of pets will change hair during the transition from infancy to adulthood.

3. Fertility period: Cats and dogs will have a lot of hair loss after giving birth, accompanied by weight loss and weight loss. At this time, more attention should be paid to the nutritional supplement of the bitch and the female cat.

4. Estrus: Cats and dogs in estrus will also have hair loss.

5. Old age: In the old age, cats and dogs will have hair loss due to slow metabolism. Cats and dogs need to pay attention to the supply of nutrients after entering the old age, and eat professional old dog food and cat food.