Reasons for dog hair change and method of using hair removal comb

- Apr 24, 2019-

Nowadays, many people are raising dogs at home. Dogs need to change their hair. As soon as they change their hair, they will be awkward. They can all see the hair flying everywhere. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the dog’s hair change. What is the usage method step?

Reasons for dog hair change:

Dead hair and floating hair are hidden in the hair, which will make the dog's hair knotted, unable to comb, serious hair knots will also breed bacteria, causing dog skin disease; can not smoothly change hair, the dog will change the hair will Oh, no light, no lightness.

Steps for using the combing comb:

Step 1: the legs, gently comb the pet legs with a soft hair comb, naturally lift the legs in the direction of the joints, do not force bending;

Step 2: The back and abdomen, the back is gently combed in the direction of hair growth, the abdomen is a sensitive part, and the movement should be as gentle as possible;

Step 3: the neck and the head, the back of the ear and the neck around the neck are prone to curling, the movement should be gentle and slow to avoid pulling;

Step 4: The tail, when combing the tail hair, the pet may be scared, sensitive small tail, don't scare the pet.

Finally, proper supplementation of some seaweed powder allows the dog to remain brown during the hair change.

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