Raising a dog's daily routine

- Oct 21, 2019-

1. Dogs don’t love themselves clean

"Many novices who raise pet dogs will introduce to others: "My dog loves to be clean. It can always groom the hair with her own tongue, saving me a lot of heart. ”

This kind of thinking is really a big mistake. The most wrong thing is that you are raising a dog, not a cat. The same is the constant licking of their own fur, the behavior of the dog expression and the cat is very different.

When your dog repeatedly licks any part of your body, there is only one meaning: it is sick. There are two possibilities: either the body is sick or mentally ill.

The dog's skin is damaged or traumatized by external forces, and the dog uses his tongue to clean up the ward and wounds.

If the dog's skin is healthy, then the dog is reminding you: Master, I feel the pressure, my mentality is in a state of tension for a long time. Found such a situation, as the owner, you should find the source of stress as soon as possible and solve the problem.

Otherwise, if you let it go, the dog's mental state deteriorates, and it is very likely that he will bruise his skin, then bruise the meat, and then bruise the bones... This is by no means an alarmist.

2. Dogs and dogs are not necessarily showing up.

Many people hold other people's puppies and enjoy the dog's tongue to lick themselves when playing.

Even to show off to others: "Look, I have more to do with it, it likes me." In fact, on the contrary, it is only facing the "big behemoth" like you, it lacks the courage and determination to resist.

Dogs and sisters must not love to be clean, and others are not necessarily showing good things to others.

In the dog's world, except for the behavior between mother and child, only the dog with low status goes to the dog with high status.

The dog keeps licking strangers because it doesn't like this person, but because of the situation, it has to surrender to this person for a while, and when it is afraid of a stranger's touch or a big hug, it will go to the hand of the monk. , collect your information.

3. Dog yawning does not necessarily mean sleeping. Although dogs and people are yawning and relaxing when they are sleepy or just waking up, this behavior of dogs is not related to sleep. .

This is the dog's nervous emotions in transferring himself. It smelled the smell of gunpowder - the owner was getting more and more fire, so he wanted to yawn and tell the owner: "Forget it, spare me this time."

After understanding this point, in the following period of time, the owner basically did not have too much and too much scolding the dog. Soon, its emotions were well adjusted, and the small mistakes that were made before were no longer repeated. Naturally solved.

Therefore, if your dog yawns frequently and does not have any sleepiness, then your dog's heart can be hanged for a long time, under tremendous pressure.