Precautions for using a dog leash

- Mar 22, 2019-

Dog leash is a must-have tool for us and dogs. The correct way to use it is the key to easy dog walking with you. How to use the traction rope correctly?

1.Puppies may be more offensive to the collar, it is recommended to use the chest strap first.

2.Puppies travel, because the external environment is relatively unfamiliar, it is better to tie the rope before going out, and comfort and encouragement with words.

3.When the dog is completely accustomed to using the chest strap to accompany the accompanying, the parents can use the collar traction instead, which can more effectively control the dog accompanying, and can also prevent the hair knotting.

4.At the beginning, the collar should be tight and moderate so that it can be placed in two fingers, and it is better to remove it directly. Parents and dogs are suitable for use with the traction rope, and the collar can be properly relaxed.

5.When traveling, parents can be on the left side of the dog according to their habits, holding the rope in the right hand, and the dog is in parallel with you or later.

6.Pay close attention to the dog's marching rhythm during the march. Parents need to be prepared for the instantaneous shaking of the leash, and the amplitude should not be too large.

7.When the vehicle is in normal condition, the traction rope should be slightly drooping and the rope body should be kept relaxed. When the dog suddenly advances, the dog can immediately feel the warning of the owner as soon as the parent makes an instantaneous shake. 

8.With the success of the trip, the spirit and material rewards were given in time.