Practical cat fur care tips

- Sep 12, 2019-

1. First use a toothed comb to comb the dirt and fleas and lice on the hair as much as possible.

2. When combing, first combing along the direction of hair growth. Then comb the whole body hair with a toothed comb. The hair balls that are difficult to comb are trimmed with scissors.

3. Finally, comb the hair and clean the hair that has fallen off the hair.

4. When taking a bath, never get water in the eyes and ears of the pet cat.

5. After washing, wipe the hair with a towel, then use a hair dryer to dry the wet hair to prevent the cat from catching a cold.

6. Finally, put a hair care product on the pet cat to make the hair look more shiny and beautiful to protect the hair health.

The hair of a pet cat should be combed once a day. In the summer, the pet cat should take a bath every 7-15 days, and in the winter it can be extended to one month to take a bath. Of course, the bath cycle can also be determined according to the cleanliness of the pet cat's body, and there is no need to impose a bathing date.

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