Pet toy development trend

- Jan 31, 2019-

Since the pet toy has entered the market, it has developed in a very rapid situation, because with the return of humanism, the human mind has generally believed that the pet as a human intimate partnership begins, marking the pet market, including pet clothes, Pet food, pet toys, pet accessories, pet nests, and pet funeral and so on, all kinds of needs around pets are emerging one after another. One of the main development trends is: environmental protection and true caring for pets. The market will become the mainstream trend of the market.

Pet toys in a strict sense, the pets themselves actually choose a way to vent their emotions, such as grinding their teeth, pulling the owner’s shoes and socks, and chasing moving objects, especially cats who like to chase and play. The mouse, so the birth of the pet toy, to a certain extent, satisfies the pet's emotional needs, and also plays an important role in deepening and deepening the physiology and interaction with the owner.