Pet supplies industry development trend

- Oct 25, 2018-

For mature markets such as North America, the demand for pet supplies will achieve steady growth, and in the foreseeable future, the pet supplies industry will see new profit growth points. On the one hand, it is the technology of pet products. In the future, more technologies will be applied in pet products to realize the automation and intelligence of pet products, such as automatic feeder. On the other hand, there will be more innovations in the design concept of pet products. For example, there will be pet products that are practical, aesthetic and convenient for pet owners. Third, in the wide variety of pet supplies, more creative pet supplies will seize the market opportunity in the future. In the face of relatively scattered customer demands, enterprises with advantages in sales channels and overseas self-owned warehouses will be more likely to gain competitive advantages. Meanwhile, products with clear brand positioning will be more likely to win the favor of consumers.

For domestic pet supplies industry, facing the aging population, family structure and the change of pet care concept, people's demand for pet supplies will increase greatly, and the industry will achieve rapid growth. On the one hand, the diversification of pet supplies. With the maturity of domestic pet supplies industry and the entry of foreign brands, the competition in the domestic market will become increasingly fierce, and the diversity of pet supplies will increase greatly to meet the needs of different pet owners. Secondly, with the change of pet care concept to "pets are members of the family", there will be more and more enterprises providing comprehensive services for pets. Pet supplies industry will be closely integrated with pet food, pet diagnosis and other similar industries. Thirdly, in the sales of pet products, pet products enterprises with advantages in brand and channel will be more likely to stand out.