Pet grooming notes

- Mar 21, 2019-

1. Bathing: Dogs should take a bath every four to eight weeks. If your dog is less than eight weeks, ask your veterinarian before taking a bath because it is very susceptible to colds or sensitive to certain beauty products. And every time you help the dog to bathe, you must first comb the hair, because if the hair has a knot, it will only get tighter after the wet water. The owner should choose a shampoo and a hair lotion suitable for dogs, but the latter is not required. Before the wash, you can put some eye ointment on the dog to help protect their eyes. Remember to wash the foam thoroughly. If the foam remains on the skin, it will make the dog allergic. The dog is very susceptible to colds, and afterwards, use a hairdryer to blow dry hair. Do not let it go out before it is completely dried.

2. Comb: Every minute, you have to help the dog comb a hair. Of course, it depends on the length of different dogs. Comb can help the dog to untie the knot on the hair, balance the secretion of oil and remove dead skin, of course, you can also enhance the relationship with the dog through this time. After bringing the dog home, let it get used to combing hair as soon as possible, then it will be regarded as part of life in the future. Long-haired dogs such as Afghan hounds, demon angels and Lhasa dogs need to comb their hair every day to maintain their shape. The Golden Retriever and the Rottweiler can be combed once or twice a week. In addition, the combs and brushes used will depend on the breed of dog.

3. Cut nails: Eight-week-old puppies should cut their nails every other month. Every time you cut it little by little, if you use a dog's nail clipper to help the puppy cut too much, you can use it for people. For example, when the puppy walks, he hears the sound of "clam, card", indicating that its nails are too long, and the owner should immediately cut it. The steps are as follows: hold the dog's hand; hold the dog with the thumb Hands, other fingers are held underneath; use the other hand to hold the nail clippers, cut quickly and accurately, do not hesitate; if you accidentally cut the bleeding, use some hemostatic powder to hold the wound for thirty seconds or until hemostasis.

4. Wash your ears: Wash your ears once a week. Use some cotton balls to clean the ear with a cleaning solution. Some long-eared dogs, such as poodles and curved dogs, need to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the ears to ensure that they are clean, tasteless and pink.