Pet Grooming comb out pet healthy hair

- Oct 24, 2018-

Pet grooming is more than just a tool for pets. It is often used to remove loose hair and keep their skin clean, which can reduce their chances of getting skin diseases and growing parasites. Nowadays, for dogs that usually comb their hair, the comb can spread the grease on the hair evenly, which makes the dog's hair look more smooth and lustrous. For those with long or double hair, grooming is now used to remove dead hair from the undercoat and stimulate new hair growth. Another advantage is that the shampoos are more likely to infiltrate the surface of the skin when the dogs are bathed.

Grooming tools vary depending on the dog's coat type. In order to care more about pets, people also play a lot of tricks in pet comb. The tools used to comb the dog can be roughly divided into a fine-tooth comb, a medium-tooth comb and a wide-tooth comb. A fine-tooth comb is perfect for pets with soft, silky hair. A fine-tooth comb can completely remove stains from the surface of the skin. Medium teeth comb is suitable for ordinary fur pet grooming, so it is not easy to comb the pet's skin. A wide-tooth comb is ideal for pets with thick, thick hair.