Pet Dog Traction Rope type

- Oct 24, 2018-

The warm season is coming, urging us to go out and stretch our legs. However, it is still up to the parents to control the dog when he goes out or walks. If he gets out of your hand, the consequences will be very serious.

[1. Collar] the material is divided into leather, nylon, plastic, cotton fabric and synthetic leather, etc. The leather collar made of cow leather has a long service life, which is close to the skin of dogs. The grease on dogs will infiltrate into the skin, and the skin will be shiny, soft and strong, and the service life will be lengthened. But small dogs don't have to use leather, as do traditional bell single collars.

[2. Thoracic straps] almost every kind of thoracic straps will have a circle around the dog's chest, and a circle around the anterior abdominal area behind the front leg. At the same time, the connection point of the rope will mostly be at the center of the back near the shoulder bone.

[3. Suspenders] evolutionary versions of the pectoral straps are often seen on medium and large dogs. The first is to add a line between the two circles and place it at the bottom of the skeleton. The second is a pectoral harness with two skeletons at the top and bottom. With extra braces, it's almost impossible to break free as long as the length is adjusted to fit the dog's body. At the same time, parents in the process of pulling dogs, the strength can be evenly distributed in the chest and abdomen.

[4. Chain (P chain)] the P chain can be divided into different weights and weights, so you can choose the appropriate wear according to the size of the dog. The most important thing is to wear the P chain in the correct way. If the person is right and the dog is left, the chain must be in the "p" shape when helping the dog, so that the direction of the force is right. If you pull the dog's neck, it will be strangled, misused and even hurt his windpipe. Of course, if a person is on the left and a dog is on the right, the person should wear it backwards, in the form of a "q". In addition to the correct direction of the chain and the dog position, the user should always pay attention to the chain lubrication, otherwise it will easily hurt the dog.

The main function of the P chain is not to make the dog painful, but to "use in an instant", which must be used quickly and accurately. It is mainly to quickly pull the chain to make it tighten in an instant and make the dog feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the chain will stop when it touches the dog. Also, because the P chain must be used with great care, it can hurt the dog if it is careless. Never use it if the dog is timid or has not established a relationship with a human or a dog. Before using, you must consult an expert, and put the P chain on your arm several times, master the trick, then use it on your dog.

[5. Headcollar band] is derived from a horse's bridle, a dog chain that gives the dog better control. The direction of the dog's movement is determined by the direction of the head. The headcollar band controls the dog's behavior by changing the direction of the head. When wearing, pay attention to the position of the neck button at the root of the jaw, not the throat. When the dog starts wearing it, it will not adapt to the rope above the nose, which will be improved faster through the slow training.

[6. Stretch leash] this is the legendary semi-control collar, which is actually a combination of the collar and P chain. Control intensity and comfort also fall somewhere in between. Choose the right collar for your dog, based on its characteristics. The flexible leash is divided into large, medium and small dogs, the handle is ergonomic, the grip is just right, the control knob decides whether to put the long line, and the function of automatically shrinking the rope back. This product focuses on the strength of the nylon rope, both thin and tensile, and the quality of the expansion rope is also the key. The point of choice is to measure the length of extension you need and the weight of the breed you can afford.

Collar-barr: there are two main types of collar-dog barks. One is the collar-dog bark collar with a discharge device at the Adam's apple. When a dog barks, the collar-dog bark produces an electric current. These are all discomforts that make dogs feel instant, and dogs will therefore bark less.