Pet automatic telescopic traction rope dog common sense

- Aug 27, 2019-

First point: the choice of traction rope

No matter what kind of dog, what we have to do is to bring the leash to our dog before going out. This is the most basic operation. So how do we choose what kind of traction rope is right? First, the collar should be selected to fit the collar of the dog's neck. Too small will bring the dog to the dog. It is too big and the dog can break free. It is also possible to choose a chest-back type that is relatively comfortable. Do not choose a fixed length of the traction rope, you can choose to be free to expand and contract, so that the dog can run freely, and can immediately brake and pull back when it is dangerous. With a fixed length, the dog's range of activities is much smaller.

Second point: the choice of time

Many dog owners are temporarily arranging the dog's bending time according to their free time, and there is no fixed time. But in fact, this kind of practice is very unacceptable. For a long time, it will not be able to adapt to the unstable time of going out for dogs. It is best to take a dog's bend every day. There is also a dog owner to pay attention to the changes in the season, and adjust their travel time. For example, when the sun is most violent at noon in the summer, you must not bring your own pets out, otherwise it is easy to get the dog to heat.

The third point: the problem of walking the dog in middle-aged and old dogs

People will be old dogs, if they have entered the middle-aged dogs, they must pay special attention when bending, first of all, can not carry out long-term high-intensity exercise. This can cause serious damage to their heart and respiratory system, and because of age, their bones are no longer as hard as they were young. Therefore, when you bend, try to choose to walk and short distance.

Fourth point: walking dog training

Dog owners should not think that the training of dogs is usually based on life skills, and training is also required when bending. That is the dog's anti-feeding and preventive training. Dog owners should train them not to eat the food on the side of the road. On the one hand, they are unhygienic and easy to eat bad stomach. On the other hand, it is a safety issue. If there is good food on the roadside, it is likely to be a bait that the dog thief has left. So dog owners must train them to not eat.

Fifth point: the dog sniffs things

In fact, in addition to not being able to eat things for dogs, let them smell the smell of other things, which helps to improve the dog's awareness and senses. And if they use their own nose more, they can have a certain training opportunity for their nose. But the dog owner should also pay attention to it. When encountering dangerous or bad things, the dog owner should give a proper reminder.

In fact, there are still many places to pay attention to during the dog walking process, which depends on the care of the dog owner.