Method of training dog endurance and control

- Jun 14, 2019-

Under normal circumstances, dogs have no endurance and control, then we need to train more dogs.

Practice the dog waiting and coming over

1. Use a simple gesture to get the dog to sit down. Whenever you plan to teach a dog something new, you must first order it to sit down to ensure that it can concentrate.

2. After the dog is seated, the second password can be issued to "wait a minute." At the same time, take the leash around the dog and see if it is sitting all the time.

3. Go to the dog's eyes, back to the traction belt straightened, and repeat the password "wait a minute" if. If the dog moves, go back and practice again.

4. Say "Tone" immediately after calling the dog's name. Let the dog sit down to praise it or let it go.

Practice the dog to keep his knees

1. The dog was originally sitting, and the password issued at this time "kicked down" while gently patting the ground. In practice obedience, start with a password and look and use.

2. Pull the leash to increase the effect of the command if necessary. At the same time, the instruction "Do not move" is issued. This password can be used when you have not returned to the dog and want it to stay in the kneel position.

3. Go forward to the length of the leash and turn to face the dog. If the dog wants to move, he can use his finger to indicate and continue to strengthen the meaning of letting it "do not move."

4. Return to the dog's side in about a minute to see if it continues to maintain its kneel position. Obedient dogs will not move when the practitioner walks away. This kind of practice can strengthen the dog's obedience to the owner's orders.

5. Lift a certain posture of the dog. Praise the dog every time you practice. Let it understand that the exercise ends here. Stroking and saying a few words of praise, most dogs will be very happy and willing to accept all kinds of exercises.

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