Method of brushing dog coat

- Oct 24, 2019-

1. Choosing the right tool Long-haired dog will use a wire brush to break the coat because of its long coat. Choose a round-head brush or a bristle brush; a short-haired dog can use a smooth wire brush; a light-haired dog can use a smooth wire brush. A rubber brush can be selected.

2. The order of brushing usually starts from the left hind limb of the dog, from bottom to top, from left to right, and then the hind limbs - buttocks - body - shoulders - forelimbs - fore chest - neck - head. One side of the brush is replaced with the other side, and finally the tail is brushed. Do not ignore the axillary part when brushing the shoulder.

3. If you encounter a knot, you should first gently loosen the knot by hand, then press the root of the hair and comb the knot a little. If the knot is too large or strong, remove the knot.

4. Layering one hand to pick up the coat, gently press it under the palm, and the other hand is brushed from the root of the coat to ensure that the layers are brushed. See the skin.

5. Repeatedly brush each part to ensure that the dog's body, including the tail and feet, is brushed, and the dead hair and dust are brushed off.

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