Method and precautions for trimming hair of puppies

- Jul 24, 2019-

Establish habits: use desensitization training to reduce puppies resistance, let puppies get used to cutting hair and develop good habits. A few weeks before the shearing, let the puppies get used to the sound of electric shears, and give snacks rewards during the process so that the puppies will not be afraid of the electric scissors. In addition, you should also train your feet and ears to repair belly hair, ear hair and foot hair.

Start cutting: After the puppies adapt to the electric shearing sound, they can start to cut the hair. Generally, puppies can cut their hair for the first time in 14 to 16 weeks. As long as the hair is cut clean and neat, don't shave too short, otherwise there may be insufficient warmth. If you find that the puppies will tremble, it may be that the desensitization training is not enough, you can properly appease or give snacks.

Ear hair trimming: trimming the ear hair can help clean the ear canal, repair the belly hair and foot hair to avoid peeing, and also pay attention to trimming the foot. These three places are common places where dogs are not willing to be touched. Depretation training during puppies can help the pruning work smoothly in the future.