Meet 6 kinds of pet combs and functions

- Oct 11, 2019-

1. Needle comb:

Needle combs are used when combing a long, fluffy, curved pet. For example, Chow Chow, Lady, Bichon, and Shih Tzu, will make the pet's hair more fluffy and light.

Needle combs are large and small, and can be selected according to the body shape of their favorite pets. For example, small dogs and cats can choose small needle combs. For medium and large dogs, you can choose a larger comb for the panel, so that when the groom is grooming the hair, the owner saves effort and the pet is more comfortable.

2. Massage pet comb:

The massage comb is a pet-specific comb with a massage function, which effectively promotes the blood circulation of the cat and dog skin and relieves the pressure of the pet. At the same time, the hair can be removed during the massage process, which is suitable for all dogs and cats.

The massage comb is generally rounded and does not hurt the skin. During the process of combing the hair, it brings comfort to the cat and dog, and can relieve the muscle and mental fatigue of the pet. The massage comb is easy to use and can be combed in the direction of hair growth. It can be used daily.

3. Hair removal pet comb:

For the season change, the bottom hair comb is a good helper. It can effectively remove the dead hair and the bottom velvet that the pet has fallen off, and it will not cause damage to healthy hair, which is very good to avoid the situation that the dead hair is not easy to clean.

How to use: The frequency should not be too high. First comb the pet hair with a flat comb/row comb, then use the bottom comb. When in use, comb the teeth as parallel as possible to the skin (do not let the teeth face perpendicular to the skin) and comb along the direction of the hair texture.

Pay attention to the same part, do not comb too much, clean off the falling bottom hair.

4. Flat comb, row comb:

The most widely used comb is basically suitable for all cats and dogs. It handles hair removal and removes hair and dirt. Especially for pets with long hair, it can be well combed.

How to use: If the pet is too thick, it should be combed layer by layer to avoid pulling the pet and grooming along the growth direction of the pet's hair.

5. Open the pet comb (knife):

As the name suggests, it is mainly for hair that has been knotted by long-haired pets. The comb has a metal blade on the teeth that cuts the knotted hair.

How to use: Combine in the direction of pet hair growth. To avoid cutting too much hair, do not comb it backwards. It can be combed once a week or every other week. Hold the knotted hair and gently comb it with the knotted comb in the remaining part.

6. Comprehensive pet comb:

In order to facilitate the owner to carry and store, many manufacturers combine combs with different functions into one comb, and the front and back sides have different combing effects. Such as needle comb + massage comb, wide and narrow pitch integrated combs.

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