Is the pet hair removal serious only because of the season change?

- Oct 15, 2019-

The spring and autumn season is a normal stage of pet hair removal, and the number will indeed increase. At the same time, pet owners need to consider the bacterial infection and allergies of pets. Generally, pets are depilated, and those who raise their pets will think of using pets and other supplies to groom their pet hair and remove the fluffy hair. However, pet combs and other products that are not regularly cleaned are likely to cause pet bacterial infection and external contact. A type of infection. Especially for some pets with damaged skin, pet grooming and other pet supplies can directly contact the skin. If you do not clean the pet comb, it will easily lead to wound inflammation.

It is worth mentioning that some pet lovers have not paid much attention to the impact of pet grooming and other pet supplies design on pets. If you choose a pet comb just because the price is low, it is obviously risky for the daily health maintenance of the pet. The pet combs commonly found in the market are often made of ABS environmental protection main body, precision stainless steel steel needles, TPR comfortable soft plastic teeth, etc., and these materials are combined to ensure the quality of pet supplies. These new materials are used in the new small flying saucer rotating pet comb, three-in-one & five-in-one pet grooming set, curved self-cleaning comb, etc., which effectively avoids pets caused by pet comb materials. allergy.

Of course, after choosing the right material, the appropriate pet comb design can help the pets to remove the pet velvet and waste hair more easily, effectively alleviating the discomfort caused by too much waste. The cool pet petal self-cleaning comb has ingeniously designed the curved pet comb head in the development process, which is more suitable for the pet body curve and deep cleaning. In the daily process, the shovel officers also need to remember to clean and maintain the combs of the pet combs, massage combs, etc., so as not to accidentally catch the pets in daily play and cause food allergies. In addition to picking up dirty pet supplies, inappropriate pet foods, such as excessive protein, can easily cause skin irritation in pets. At the same time, because of such internal allergies will accumulate in the body little by little, once the outbreak is more harmful to the pet.