How to use pet leash

- May 15, 2019-

Pet leashes come in a variety of styles: leather, stretch nylon, and lengths. Whether you are training a puppy or walking with it, six feet (about 180 cm) is an ideal size. Unless your puppy is in an enclosed area, remember to hold it with your pet leash at any time. In the United States, many states and cities have mandatory laws, and even if your puppy is in a park or playground, you must carry it with your pet leash whenever and wherever you take the dog out. There are many options when choosing a lightweight collar for a puppy: some have buttons and some have springs. Regardless of the style of the pet collar you choose for your puppy, remember to put a puppy's roll label on the collar, indicating the puppy's name and your phone number.

The dog collar should be made of lightweight nylon or leather. If you want to estimate the size of the collar, you can measure the size of the puppy and add two inches (about 5 cm). A collar of the right size should allow you to put two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. If your fingers fit in and feel just right, then the collar you choose is the right size. If there is extra space, you may want to choose a smaller collar for the puppy. And if you can't reach in with both fingers, the collar may be too small. It takes a while for a puppy to get used to the collar, so don't worry too much if the puppy doesn't look comfortable or grabs the collar.