How to trim your dog's nail safely

- Apr 10, 2020-


A dog's nail treatment is often overlooked by people because they tend to only see the "beauty-factor"in it. But nail treatment remains an essential part of your dog's regular care. 

When dog nails are too long, it not only leads to pain. Postural defects can be another result, caused by your dog shifting weight. The worst case scenarios are lamenesses or serious injuries. If that's the case, the nails continue to grow and can even grow to a length where they touch the ground. This significantly affects the quality of your dog's daily life. As soon as the nails touch the ground and grow past the pad of your dog's paw, it's a sign they are definitely too long and that you should take action!


Instructions for dog nail trimming

Prepare the equipments:

*Pet Nail Clipper/Scissors-Different pets need different nail clippers,kudi can meets most of  your require.


*Flashlight (for dark nails)

*Optional: Paw balsam

Be extra cautious when defining the cutting range, because the nails are supplied with blood and a misdirected clip could lead to massive pain.


When you've defined the ideal cutting range, your dog is ideally still in its relaxed position. You have the equipment ready: it's time to start. Cut by taking small steps, keeping in mind to keep your dog comfortable (and do it step by step) by rewarding him if necessary. If there's no blood at the end of the whole process and your dog behaves like nothing has happened, you've done everything right!