How to treat tear marks?

- Oct 09, 2019-

1.First, keep the dog's face clean: use a soft, warm, wet towel to gently wipe the dog's tears.

2.carefully check the dog's eyes around the day, regularly reduce the hair that may stimulate the eyes. attention to the nutritional balance of the dog's diet, do not feed human food.

4.the owner needs to keep the dog good physical and mental health, the environmental pressure can not be too large, promote the dog's metabolism, better eliminate the body waste.

5.can not feed the dog tap water, because the tap water contains too much iron, and other minerals may be harmful to dogs!

6.Replace the dog's plastic basin and food bowl with stainless steel, ceramic or glass. Long-term use of plastic food bowls will breed bacteria in the tiny slits of plastic, stimulating the pet's face!

Drug selection:

1. The cotton wipes for pets to tear marks can keep the clean and dry around the eyes of the pets, and can improve the appearance of the tear marks on the coat color to some extent. But the palliative is not a cure.

2. pet external tear stain remover, which contains antibiotic ingredients, can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, help reduce inflammation, anti-virus, and promote corneal repair.

3. pets in addition to tears, the singularity of the pet diet now causes pets to lack a lot of trace elements and minerals, oral tears can improve the tears caused by lack of nutrition caused by diet.

4. Pet medicines or health care products containing antibiotics can resist infection by viruses, bacteria, chlamydia or mycoplasma.