How to train dogs not to bite things

- Dec 21, 2018-

Nowadays, friends who keep dogs are very fond of their own dogs. When dogs are smashing and messing around at home, they are not stopped, and they are fun and fun. In fact, these behaviors are unacceptable wrong behaviors for domestic dogs and companion dogs. Imagine, if you form a habit, the dog bites the furniture all day at home, or put some things that are not the title or even dirty things in front of you, how do you think in your heart?

Therefore, we must resolutely stop these wrong behaviors of dogs. But you must pay attention to the method, such as when you find that the dog is ruining the furniture, the shoes or the socks are rags, you will “snap” (use the newspaper to beat the dog, so that it will not hurt the dog). Not only can not correct the dog's bad behavior, but it will affect the dog's feelings with the owner.

The correct education and training method should be:

Pull the dog on long retractable dog leash, and bring it to the vicinity of the dog who likes to bite or lick the title. Relax the long retractable dog leash to let the dog play freely. When the dog wants to bite and pick up these items, immediately issue "No". Password, while gently tapping the dog's mouth or slamming the leash to stop. If the dog does not bite the item, the "good" password and the head and neck of the dog are rewarded. After repeated training for a few times, the dog will gradually change this wrong behavior, no longer chaos.

Of course, it is not suitable for the dog of 4~5 months old to use this training method. Because the dog must bite the item during the tooth replacement period, you can find some thick bones of the pig or a dog chew to the dog. Bite to limit it to bite other items.