How to train a dog to pick up a flying saucer?

- Aug 22, 2019-

Dogs can be trained in flying saucers after they have mastered the air-feeding skills. During training, you can use a ball instead of the food used in the feeding training.

At this point, the dog's motivation is not in the food, but in the game. You can let the dog sit or stand, take out the ball and give the dog a "then" password and throw the ball up.

Since the dog has mastered the skill of the game, it is often easy to catch. Then, you let the dog come to the side and spit out the ball to reward the dog. So often training, the dog's game desire is getting higher and higher, the picking skills are more and more skilled, and often jump in the air to catch the ball.

If the dog reacts like this, you should fully encourage and reward, and encourage the dog to jump in the air during training to train the dog to master the timing and skills of the jump until the dog is proficient. .

Next, it is necessary to cultivate the ability of the dog to jump in the running. You can use the flying saucer for training and start flying saucer at a slower speed. You stand in front of the dog's right front, throwing a flying saucer in front of the dog, and send a "subsequent" password to the dog. Most dogs will quickly rush to the flying saucer and jump to the position.

If the dog is successful, you should be fully rewarded to stimulate the dog's interest. If the dog can't catch it, repeat the training until the dog succeeds.

As the dog's ability increases, you should change direction and change speed to develop the dog's ability to connect.