How to shave a dog?

- Mar 20, 2019-

Choosing the location of shaving: If you are shaving your dog at a pet hospital, you should choose a more hidden place. Don't let some strangers watch. Some unintentional jokes will also hurt the dog's self-esteem. If you are shaving yourself at home, try not to let other dogs in your home see it, so as not to cause fear in other dogs.

What parents can do when shaving: Whether it is shaving in a pet hospital or at home, the family should be shaving, comforting their own children, and shaving and saying some comfort to the dog, for example: mother is afraid You are hot, so shave you; after shaving, you are still a beautiful child. Don't think that dogs can't understand. According to my experience, these words are very useful.

Shaving can't be forced: If you find that the dog is extremely uncooperative during the shaving process, be sure to stop and let the dog rest and shave. Don't force it.

In some places, try not to shave: the part of the dog's limbs is the most difficult part to shave during shaving, especially in the upper part of the foot. The skin is thin and the capillaries are rich, so try not to shave to avoid injury. In addition, the dog Usually use the hair of the claws to wash your face. If you shave the hair in this part, the dog will become a problem when washing your face; the second part that you don't shave is a small egg; the third one that can't be shaved is of course the face.