How to properly bathe the dog?

- Jan 25, 2019-

Dogs are human friends, a kind of loyal and lovely animals, and are very popular among pet owners. Dogs are lively and active, and they like the outdoor environment. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dog regularly. Otherwise, the hair will be easily stained with dirt, and it will be easy to get infected with pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, affecting health. I believe that the owners of the dog owners hope that their baby hair shines brightly and cleanly. First introduce the process of bathing the dog: 1. Brush the dog's hair; 2. Drain the whole body hair; 3. Squeeze the anal gland to exclude the anus residue; 4. Use the dog's special shower gel to cover the whole body. 5. Dry the water; 6. Dry the hair; 7. Brush the hair again.

Before washing the baby in white, you need to carefully brush the hair of the dog's body with a brush, which can prevent the hair from tying during the bathing process, and the brushed hair is easier to clean and does not hide dirt. The dog's body temperature is generally around 38 °C, so when the dog is washed white, it is more appropriate to use a water temperature of about 40 °C, first wet the feet, then flush the body, and finally wet the head. The next step is to squeeze the anal gland. The dog's anal gland mainly secretes some irritating odor. As a sign of its own, it needs to be squeezed regularly. Otherwise, it may cause anal gland inflammation. Then, the dog is given a special bathing agent. Start at the back, clean in the order of back, neck, waist, chest, feet, hips, tail, and head. Be sure to clean the lotion, otherwise it will easily damage the skin of the dog and cause skin inflammation. Finally, dry the water and use it. Dry the hair with a hair dryer and brush the hair again with a special brush.