How to prevent dogs from getting lost in winter?

- Dec 04, 2019-

First of all, attaching a leash to a dog is a top priority.

The importance of attaching a traction rope to a dog is believed to be unnecessary, and the traction rope is equivalent to the threshold for maintaining the dog's safety. When the shoveler can still hold the traction rope, the dog can be properly guided and protected to avoid running around and eating as much as possible. More importantly, the owner's traction rope can also give the dog a sense of security when moving in open areas such as parks and squares to avoid dispersing. If the dog accidentally broke the traction rope, or lost it inexplicably, some tracking products, dog tags, dog badges, etc. can also help identify the dog's identity.

Secondly, strengthen the dog's alert training on a daily basis.

The so-called training of dogs is not to say that dogs will not bite people and listen to their owners, but that dogs need to be "prohibited." Of course, dogs are not humans after all, even if there are still omissions in daily traction rope training, etc., then focus on a certain command and continue to strengthen. For example, when the owner takes the dog out with a leash, he gives the dog a "don't leave" command, and the dog will stay there and wait. Or if someone wants to steal the dog by pulling it, the dog will fight back or bark. Such behaviors require the owner to constantly use the command and reward mechanism to strengthen in the daily traction rope, so that the dog can autonomously generate awareness.

Of course, if a dog is lost, he can call the police for help.

I believe that dogs have long become an indispensable part of family life. The loss of the dog will definitely make the owner very worried and even blame himself. In the case, the shoveler needs to calm down and call the police immediately for help. Regardless of the dog's appearance, accessories such as access points, traction ropes, etc. can be the focus of identification. Some hosts will use cyberspace for help, but remember to discern all kinds of information carefully to avoid falling into some traps called dog hunting.