How to make dogs develop good eating habits

- Jul 22, 2019-

Antifeeding training

During the training, the owner can ask a person who is very strange to the dog to assist in the completion. When a stranger takes a processed food in his hand, the food contains very spicy or bitter food. When the dog eats, the person can gently hit its mouth. The dog feels bad after eating. At the same time, it was beaten by strangers. In its impression, there is a concept that the food of strangers is neither good nor beaten, so after repeated training, the dog will develop a food refusal. The ability of others to food.

No food foraging training

Put some food on the training ground, then the owner brings the dog into the venue. When the dog finds the food and has the performance of wanting to eat the food, the owner should immediately send a "no" password with a threatening tone. At the same time, the traction belt is yanked to stop it. When the dog stops eating, the owner should immediately give a reward. Then the owner continues to bring the dog to other venues where food is placed in advance. If the dog does not pick up the food casually, the owner should immediately give a reward. On the contrary, continue to use the above methods to train until the dog develops the habit of not eating food.

Feeding training

Feeding training should be performed prior to feeding. The owner puts the rice bowl with food in front of the dog, then pulls the dog with his hand, or blocks the rice bowl with his hand to prevent the dog from eating, and the password is “not allowed to eat” in the mouth. If the dog does, the owner should immediately give a reward. Then issue a "eat" password and let go of the dog to eat. After many trainings, the dog will gradually develop the habit of not eating food without the owner's order.

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