How to help a dog cut his nails?

- Oct 12, 2019-

1. Find the right tool

To cut your nails, be sure to buy a nail clipper for your dog. There are two types of pet nail clippers that we can see on the market, one similar to scissors and one similar to a sickle. Both nail clippers have their pros and cons. You can use a pair of scissors-like nail clippers to cut the longer part of the dog, and then use a nail clipper like a knife to finish it.

2. Keep the dog in a comfortable position

Pet owners must pay attention to the dog's posture when cutting nails for dogs. In order to prevent the dog from suddenly attacking and accidentally reducing the dog's toes, the pet owners can use a wrist to put on the dog's neck and use the back to help the dog to cut their nails. It is also possible to fix the dog between its legs so that the dog does not wiggle the body hard and the accident does not occur.

3. Choose other positions

If your dog is not very fit, you can keep the dog in a side position, and the pet owner's arm must hold the dog's neck or cut the nail with the back. And before cutting nails, parents should first prepare a hemostatic powder or a sterile cotton ball for hemostasis.