How to deal with the problem of the coat

- Nov 13, 2019-

1. More hair loss, pay attention to combing hair

It is normal for a dog to lose hair, although this problem is more annoying. However, if you usually pay attention to grooming the dog regularly and take care of it, then the problem can be improved. Of course, if the dog suffers from skin disease and loses hair, then the first thing to do is to cure the skin disease first.

2. Pay attention to regular bathing

Bathing is one of the important aspects of hair care. As long as the pores are not easy to block the oil, the healthy hair will grow faster. Once the healthy hair grows faster, the old hair is easily metabolized. Dogs can live comfortably if they don't shave their hair.

3. Washing hair and paying attention to distinguish

Choose a natural shampoo that is oil-free, washable and moisturized. Wash the hair to remove dirt, moisturize the hair so that the hair is not easy to static, tangled and combed. Containing oil and oil is easy to clog pores, easy to shed hair and make hair dull; better with grease-free scouring.