How to deal with dog hair loss?

- Aug 16, 2019-

1. Choose quality dog food

Many dog hair loss is related to the choice of dog food. If the dog food is too inferior, it will lead to disorder of the digestive system of the dog, and serious hair loss will be serious. Therefore, the parents who keep the dog for a long time should give The dog chooses a high-quality, dog-friendly dog food with balanced nutrition and high quality raw materials. Long-term consumption of inferior commodity dog food, dogs will have hair loss and tear marks and so on.

Even if it is homemade dog food, you should pay attention to the light diet. You must not feed the dog to eat the rest of the food. The salt and oil are high, which will lead to serious hair removal.

2. Regularly combing hair

Dogs will have a lot of hair loss and hair change during the annual hair-changing season. Therefore, if it is hair loss during the hair-changing season, parents do not have to worry about it. This is a normal phenomenon, but it is necessary to pay attention to the daily expenses. Give your dog a hair in a few minutes, otherwise the dog will be shed all over the house. Parents who like clean should be unbearable!

3. Control the number of baths, use special dog shower gel

Many parents do not have specific control over the number of times they take a bath. It is thought that washing is much more and less washing is not necessary, but it is not true. If the number of bathing is too much, it is easy for the dog to suffer from hair loss. Therefore, for a pet dog, it is generally possible to take a bath twice a month in the winter, and to take a bath once a week in the summer, and to bathe three times a month in the spring and autumn. In addition, it is best to use a shower gel for dogs. It can effectively kill parasites on the surface of the dog's body, and some even have the effect of beautiful hair; if the shower gel used by the dog is used for a long time, because the skin accepts different PH values, it will lead to the dog. Hair removal is serious.

4. More sun

It is not wrong to give the pets more sun and sun. It can not only disinfect and sterilize, but also relieve the severe hair loss of the dog, enhance the resistance of the dog, and also supplement the calcium and promote the growth of the bones. development.

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