How to cut your cat's nails?

- Oct 24, 2018-

Most cats take care of their nails on their own, but the nails may grow too long and can cause painful infections. Regular nail clipping reduces the likelihood of these problems and eases his urge to grab furniture.

Nail clippers used by humans are ideal for cats, especially those with tiny fingernails. Your veterinarian, pet supply store or mail-order catalog also has commercial cat nail clippers. They are designed to cut the cat's nails at the right Angle without the risk of them splitting or cracking. These nail clippers are designed to look like scissors or a circle-like blade. The best nail clippers have very sharp blades and comfortable handles.

Let your cat be used to being held by someone from an early age. The best time to cut your nails is when your cat is relaxing. After a nap. In general, the easiest way is to get both of your hands involved in the nail cutting process, with one hand holding it and keeping it quiet and the other cutting it. A cat confident in its owner can do the job of cutting nails with one hand.

Hold the claw, gently press it with your finger and press the nail out of the claw with your thumb. Use your other hand to trim your nails. Don't forget to cut the "thumb" on the inside of the front leg. And don't forget that cats have multiple toes, called "multi-toes," that need pruning. Some cats have seven toes on each foot. As long as the nail is cut at the tip, it is generally white, avoiding cuts to pink live meat, or it will bleed. If you cut too much, use a stylus or cornstarch to stop the bleeding, or use its claws to rake the soap to stop the bleeding.

Do it quickly, and if your cat is already upset, let it go even if it has only one or two PAWS cut off. You can continue later. Reward it by playing with it or giving it special care, so it has good associations with nail clippings. Always trim your cat's nails before bathing.